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Full Metal Furies MULTI7 v1.0.1 RIP


Full Metal Furies is an action game in Pixel art playable in solo or in cooperation. Developed by Cellar Door Games, the game transposes you into a post-apocalyptic universe in which survivors will have to fight to reclaim a world controlled by Titans. Full Metal Furies

Title: Full Metal Furies
Genre: Action, Adventure, indie, RPG
Format: rar
Seller: Cellar Door Games
Date of publication: 17 Jan. 2018

System Requirements : Full Metal Furies

Minimum requirements

OS: Windows 7
CPU: 2.0 Ghz
RAM: 2 GB of memory
GPU: 8800 GTS, HD 2900 Pro, Intel HD 530
HDD: 900 MB of available hard disk space

Recommended settings

OS: Windows 10
CPU: 2.4 Ghz
RAM: 2 GB of memory
GPU: GTX 285, HD 6850, Intel Iris 6200
HDD: 900 MB of available hard disk space

About This Game : Full Metal Furies

The creators of Rogue Legacy have concocted a “truly cooperative” action RPG. FULL METAL Furies focuses on team play through a unique combat system in which everyone plays a key role. Fight in harmony to defeat special enemies, chain combos of madness and inflict tons of damage, and save a world on the brink of extinction, ravaged by war. Play on your couch or online with friends, and create groups of up to 4 players! You can also play solo and show your talents thanks to Pick 2, a quick change system that allows you to find all the sensations of the game to many.

Game features:

Want to play with friends? Start by finding some.

Whether online or offline, up to 4 players can participate in the adventure.
Sofa Mode and online coop supported, as well as all the nuances between the two.

You want to play alone? I would have bet.

The Pick 2 system allows you to enter two players from the group on the battlefield.
With quick change, you can create dynamic combos and make your enemies waltz.
All the sensations of the game to many are thus preserved. Everything you do to several, you can do it all alone…

As a team, no room for the “I”. But in Full Metal Furies… There’s room for the game!

Show coordination to shoot down your enemies: they enter the battlefield surrounded by protection of a certain color and only the allies of the same color can break it.
Revive your fallen allies. The protections are not going to break on their own! The reviving gauge fills up with time, but a helping hand never hurts.
Cooperation and non-competition. Ended the race to fatal blows and the quarrels of Loots or objects of health recovery. Everything is shared: so you can focus on cooperation.

Four classes, four different game styles.

Alex the friendly warrior: climb in contact with counters and combos.
Meg The myopic sniper: lay mines, pull away and juggle with your enemies.
Triss the solid tank: Protect your allies with your shield or send your enemies to waltz.
Erin The Oval engineer: dominate the battlefield with its turrets. She’s got a gun, too!

A new kind of fighting.

Discover a combat system based on counters, combos and oval engineers.
Each class has its own skill tree. How many skills? Lots of them!
Do not change equipment, change skills. Equip your tank with a freezing cry. Turn your warrior’s leap into a smashing plunge. You can also give your engineer a machine gun.

A new kind of enemies.

The Furies are tough, but the enemies are even more. Face more than 70 different enemies with their own attacks and cons. No more cannon fodder!
Enemies rush to you at a frantic pace, you will not have time to sleep. Each level brings its lot of dangers.
Battle Colossal Titans in multi-stage games that will keep you alert.

An adventure full of intrigues, twists and tordantes replicas.

Browse the snowy city of Thessaly, make your way through the forest of Foloi, explore the tombs of the well Stygian and much more.
But stay on guard, the world is not just what you see at first glance. You will find secrets, clues and even hidden dimensions here and there!
Enjoy a narrative of more than 20 000 words translated into 6 different languages.
So take advantage of 20 000 replicas tordantes.


An absence and allegorical adventure laden with allusions, sounds and alliteration that will bring you to the outskirts of the devastated ruins of Athens.


Full Metal Furies MULTI7 v1.0.1 RIP

Full Metal Furies MULTI7 v1.0.1 RIP

Full Metal Furies MULTI7 v1.0.1 RIP

Full Metal Furies MULTI7 v1.0.1 RIP

Full Metal Furies MULTI7 v1.0.1 RIP



– Extract
– Run setup.exe and install
– Play

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